Thursday, May 1, 2008

MTV Motivation?

As an avid television fan, I've been watching lots of it lately. My favorite channel, MTV, has gotten the bulk of my attention. The "music" channel's latest concoction is an interesting show about experienced high school journalists, called "The Paper". As an aspiring journalist myself, I have an inclination for the wonderful world of journalists.

The show follows the student staff of "The Circuit", the award-winning school newspaper of Cypress Bay High in Weston, Florida. The show began by showing the students bid and submit essays to compete for positions within the staff of the paper, the most coveted position being the all mighty Editor-in-Chief.

I was really hoping that the "The Paper" would do something to explain all of the
different staff positions each person earned within "The Circuit", but they did not.
Instead of helping viewers learn, MTV is doing what it usually does in displaying these kids as whiny and confrontational. Maybe that's who they really are, but I'm still watching to see if they do, in fact, show what story ideas they come up with as well what each job entails.

The most intriguing character is Amanda, a self-absorbed, but hard-working young
journalist who has earned the Editor-in-chief title. He personality is quirky and
sometimes weird, but what makes her different makes her great. She keeps me watching.

All in all "The Paper" still is inspiration for me simply because MTV has decided to air a show about what I want to do. I've just "signed on" to write for the Indiana Daily Student, IU's own student newspaper, and I'm very excited about it. I begin working this summer and I will do everything I can to continue to improve as a young journalist. As for MTV's "The Paper", I'm hoping to catch on to anything I can by watching. If nothing else, all of the whining and arguing can be entertaining.


Anonymous said...

Good luck Bryan! Keep up at the journalism - and take MTV with a grain of salt. From the blog, I can tell you're a great writer, and that's honestly the first step to being a great journalist.

Anonymous said...

Good for you!!!! I really enjoy reading each new entry on your blog!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for being a Hoosier. I know things may be tough right now but your attitude and faith will always make you one of our favorites!! Remember, God is always there for you and He is what makes you a winner. Keep up the hustle and good things will come to you and your teammates.
God Bless,