Monday, May 5, 2008


Tomorrow is a day where Hoosiers all over the state have a great chance to make a difference. Tuesday is a day for us to go and potentially choose America's next President by voting for a democratic representative in the primaries. My teammate and friend, Jammie Kirlew, is not your ordinary football player. Yes, he sacks quarterbacks and causes all kinds of ruckus in backfields all across the Big Ten, but Jammie is a smart young man with a great mind for today's issues. The big time defensive end has been urging for many people to get out and vote for quite some time now. I enjoy and support his views so I've decided to help him get the word out. Therefore, I present to you...

By: Jammie Kirlew

In the past eight years our economy has deteriorated, the war in Iraq has put our country in debt and health care has been very inefficient. These three problems are the top issues for voters in the 2008 election, according to CNN. Although these issues pose grave importance to all Americans, the major issues that hit home to college students are fairly different. As college students we face the dilemma of the increases in college cost, the reduction of funds to pay for college, and the decrease in the job market once we graduate.

Now we have a chance as college students to make certain that our voices are heard and make a difference in this upcoming election. New voters are registering in large amounts all around the country and the majority of these numbers are attributed to college students. We cannot fall back into the norms and the stereotypes of college students who are always talking about voting, but fail to make it out to the polls. Now is the time for us to Walk the Talk!

I am a strong supporter of Sen. Barack Obama as are many other students at Indiana University. Many students feel that Sen. Obama is a man of integrity, intellect, and that his strong leadership is both appealing and refreshing to many voters. Sen. Obama is also a very eloquent speaker who realizes the power of WORDS and how they can be used to inspire a country or to get past the bickering of differences in Washington and get things done. A recent example of Obama’s integrity was made clear by the opposing view to McCain’s proposed gas tax suspension for the summer, an idea that Sen. Hillary Clinton supports. He realizes that this three-month suspension will only save citizens a total of $28 and will drive up cost and reduce jobs in the future. Many economists back Obama’s decision to disagree with the proposed gas tax suspension because of its negatives, according to CNN. This is an example of the tough decisions and good judgment the next leader of our country is going to have to make. Obama also displayed good judgment when he did not support the Iraq war in 2002, when McCain and Clinton supported it.

Ultimately, Democrat or Republican, we have to take action to choose the next leader of the United States of America to get our country back in the right direction. We have to make better choices than have been made in the past, and we have to Walk the Talk! So let’s show up to the primary this Tuesday before 6 pm or vote early Monday at the Monroe County Clerks office and ensure our voices are heard.


Jeanette said...

Jammie you rock! Great essay -- I'm voting tomorrow -- thanks!

Anonymous said...


You are definitely top shelf. I appreciate your good nature and positive attitude that you uphold.

I always like to pick on you since you helped recruit my son to IU. I sincerely believe you had the best spring game on the team. You definitely were quicker and stronger than last year. Your work ethic definitely showed itself on the field.

I enjoyed your essay too. Good job.
Good luck Jammie

Best regards,
Mr. K

Randall said...

This is completely the wrong place for political commentary or advocacy. Please do not politicize your IU football blog.

Greg in Indy said...

A lot of people effect change with words. Reverend Wright, Che Guevera, William Ayers & Dr. James Cone to name a few.

Look deeper than gas taxes Jammie.