Friday, August 3, 2007

Prepare For Glory

The week has flown by and training camp is upon us Hoosiers. I am ready to go and I can't wait to hit the field and fly around. I'm going to keep today's post short, since it is our time off and all there is left to do is get our minds right for training camp. It's the official beginning to our journey to play 13. It's going to be a wild and fun ride.

In these days leading up to camp I have watched the movie, 300, once everyday since it came out on DVD to get myself pumped and ready. I will continue to do so today and tomorrow. Sure, Michigan State may get inspiration from that movie, with them being Spartans and all, but I hope they know that the movie fires up pretty much everybody, not just them. Training camp will be our time to "Prepare for Glory!"

I will be doing a training camp preview on your Indiana Hoosiers! Read and get the scoop on what's to come this season.

You will be able to read this blog on IU's Official Athletic Website ( in addition to reading it at its original sight (

"God doesn't require that you succeed. He only requires that you try." - Mother Teresa


IUBaller said...

Hey Bryan. I bought the movie and watched it last night too and am so pumped up. Awesome movie. Good luck with football practice.

Craig Ritsema said...

Bryan make sure u beat those Spartans, im from Michigan and i was a Spartan as a kid but now im a hoosier and i cant wait to see that game. I will be in east lansing for that game and with a couple fellow Hoosiers and some Spartans...Ill be cheering for u guys, give em hell.

Jimmy said...

Another great blog post. Can't wait to Defend the Rock this year!

13forHEP said...

When i saw the heading i was thinking to myself that, it was from 300. That movie fires me up! I wonder which freshman are ready for some P.T.