Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Summer So Far

The summer is winding down and I, along with the rest of my teammates, can see training camp in the distance. We have gone through a roller-coaster of emotions this summer with the passing of our dear Head Coach, Terry Hoeppner, on June 19th. Ever since Hep's passing our team has held our heads up high with a new sense of pride in being an Indiana Hoosier football player. Hep was OUR Coach, we know he is watching and we will play 13. There's not one day that goes by where I don't think about our goal and what we need to do as a team. I, myself am in best shape I've been in since becoming a Hoosier in 2005. I've dropped around 15 pounds and am now faster, quicker, and actually stronger. I'm determined to give my all every snap, and I will.

Summer Workouts
Summer workouts began in mid-May and our head strength and conditioning coach, Mark Wateska, has noticeably stepped up the workouts in comparison to previous years. He knows what he is doing. He's getting us ready to be champions. We will be a bigger, faster, stronger, football team because of it. My teammates and I have been working so hard everyday this summer to get ourselves in the best shape possible for this upcoming season. Players who needed to gain weight did just that. Players who needed to drop weight achieved their goal. Here's what our workouts have been like: We have all morning and afternnoon to lift in the weight room, but there have been two running times, at 11 a.m. and at 4 p.m. In my typical daily routine I get out of bed at 8 a.m., eat breakfast and head to my 9:30 class. after that I run at 11. We're starting to taper down now that the summer is almost over but the time limits have been faster, and the workouts more intense. There's some days where we'll run around 20 sets of 40 yard dashes with agility work in between. You must be in shape to do these things. Though, if any of us is not in shape by now, there's a definate problem. Once done running I grab a bite to eat and make my way to my hour-long 12:30 psychology class. Once done with that torture I get my butt in the weight room. The toughest days are most definately Thursdays because it's a full body workout. If you're not ready for it, the workout will knock you off you're feet worse than any Big Ten linebacker. I get in there and pump out my bench presses, pulldowns, incline's, and kill the leg press. As I always say before I hit the weight room, "I don't have to deal with that lift. That lift has to deal with ME!" Once done with the workout I'm always drenched with sweat. I love it though. You have to to be in this business at this level. As All-Pro Baltimore Ravens' linebacker, Ray Lewis once said, "I train for failure." Think about that one for a second...I enjoy being dog-tired from a workout to the point where my body fails and can't go anymore. After all that I eat again, and finally, it's on to 7-on-7 workouts baby!

7-on-7 Drills have been going on throughout the summer. No coaches attend these workouts. They are conducted by just us players. Things have been going well in this department too. Our incoming freshman quarterback, Teddy Schell, has been in steady attendance along with returning starter, Kellen Lewis, and Ben Chappell. They have all looked impressive. Our recievers have been working hard as well. One that has really been standing out in my eyes is Terrance Turner. His work ethic is probably second to none and I'm confident that he will make his presence known this season. Our defense looks good too. Our superstars have been playing like superstars and that's what we need. It feels good to see my teammates dedicated to getting better. It brings a smile to my face and makes me eager to see and be around them.

We can taste the bowl game, we know we can achieve the previously unthinkable goal of being somewhere warm in December, or possibly even January. That is what drives us everyday as a team. We need not to lose sight of the vision that Coach Hep set out for us. He came so close to getting us to that glorious 13th game. We are determined not to let our boss down.

Renovating "The Rock"
It's been an exciting experience to watch the construction of the new addition to Memorial Stadium aka "The Rock". For a while, it seemed as if they would never begin and that it was going to be a very slow process. But, now that they've started things seem to be moving quickly. I was an eye witness to the scoreboard being knocked down. I was in the weight room when it happened and I ran out to see it. That was cool to see. I greatly appreciate what the construction workers are doing. I can't wait 'till they're finished. I will be posting pictures of the construction soon.

COMING SOON: Player Profiles
Each week I'll be posting an interesting profile of a player from the IU Football team. The questions will give you insight on what some of our players' interests are and what they are like!

Message For The Road
I will end all of my entries with a message I think is important. Today's quote is something I thought of and something I use for my life. It is this: "Let God be your inspiration, because with Him you can do all things." God bless.


cath counterman said...


Thanks for creating such a great page to keep fans informed on how you, and IU football, are doing! We love it!

You seem to really have your head on straight with academics and a tough workout schedule. Is it difficult to balance? How do you think the construction of the new stadium will effect the fans attending games this season?

We lookforward to seeing you at all 13 games! Go IU!

iunova said...
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yuleman said...

Good Job Bryan! Keep working towards the goal that has been set before you. If all team members have your drive and determination it will be a special season. God Bless You1 You are in my prayers!


iunova said...

Nice job Bryan it's Wes (from G107),
It was inspiring to see you in G107 the week when Hep passed, that must have been very difficult to do.
Great to see a blog where we (the students) can see how things behind the scenes are going and where we can post encouragement to play 13.
Questions... how is Powers working out at Tightend?
Be honest.. who will be doing the RB duties...will it be you? or will it be a good rotation?

Anonymous said...


Thank you very much for the insight to the football team behind the scenes. It is inspiring to know that IU football is starting to become a dominant force again. We can't wait until the season to see you all do your magic.

As far as your career aspirations, please keep it up and you will be well on your way to working for ESPN or Your writing is beautiful and you seem very well educated. Please continue your writing and please keep Coach Hep in all of your hearts.

Looking forward to booking a plane ticket to somewhere warm in December! Go Hoosiers!

ABUSTA said...


You know how i feel about your page bro keep it up! this is the year my man i hope to see you soon on and off the field!

The Great Entertainer said...

This is a great blog. For college football die-hards like me, we can never get enough. I love seeing behind the scenes of a big-time college football program and I actually work with the Ohio football team here in Athens, Ohio, so I have already gotten to learn a good deal. Anyways, keep up the good work. This blog is going to be a great read!

Anonymous said...

Like your posts...good luck in the coming season. Glad you're at IU from a CLHS and IU alum...GO HOOSIERS!

Anonymous said...

Bryan, I'm very glad you're a Hoosier. Reading about your dedication and that of your teammates makes my heart soar in anticipation of following all you great guys as you suit up for game 13 this season...and then win it.

dpkoenig said...

dpkoenig said...

Nice balance and flow to your writing style...just like your running! Keep up the good work. I can honestly say that my interest in Hoosier football has increased due to your on and off the field efforts. Go IU!

jahowe said...

This website is awesome! Thanks for letting me check it out, there is so much to look at! I will definitely come back on a regular basis and spread the word!