Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Christmas In July

Today was yet another great day to be a Hoosier.

When I woke up this morning I expected this day to be nothing special. I planned on strolling to the stadium after class to get my running workout in at 11 am, going to my second class, then coming back to the stadium to chill and get myself ready for 7-on-7. The same daily routine I pretty much had been doing the entire summer. But this day was a little different.

To begin, when I rolled out of bed this morning I fully expected to be sore, but surprisingly I wasn't at all. As a matter of fact I felt great.

I ate some tuna casserole for breakfast (yes tuna casserole) and drove to class expecting to sit through yet another lecture from the professor. But when I got there, once again to my surprise, I was the only student to show up! Therefore, the teacher gave me credit and said I could go.

So what do I do? I make my way to my second home, "The Rock", to get ready for the run. As I was walking into the hallway area of the stadium I passed one of our equipment managers who was pushing a huge cart of Adidas boxes. It made me wonder what that was all about.

Then once I entered the locker room/player's lounge area I saw three huge boxes setting on the floor. I stopped and looked to my right and there was a smooth, sleek 50" Samsung plasma TV set in the wall! I yelled out, "Yo, is this for us!" (who else would it be for?). Ofcourse it was. But as I looked at the boxes I noticed that we're getting not one, not two, but three new plasma TV's!

I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning when he runs into the family room to see that Santa brought him that brand new 10-speed bike that he had been asking his parents for for months! (10-speed bike's were the best thing ever back when I was little) I've never seen a picture so clear! Heck, it made me think about getting one for my place (knowing good and well that I can't afford it).

But Christams didn't stop there! I was told that we're getting a PlayStation 3, and new couches! And yes I'm excited about new couches! Incase you didn't know, they come in handy during training camp. Some of us players decided that we need a new rule of having no players sit or lay on the couch's until they dry off after a workout. Afterall, nobody likes a sweaty couch!

Finally, on top of all that we got brand new Adidas gear in stock today. We got new cleates, compression shorts and shirts, athletic shorts, sneakers, etc. I appreciated everything so much! I swear I was just waiting for Santa Clause to just jump out of someone's locker and shout "Surprise!" Now, that would have scared the heck out of me, but I would 've thanked him and asked him for a plasma TV for my apartment! Haha!

After everything calmed down my teammates and I went out and did our runing workout. Today was agility work. It wasn't a long workout but it still had our legs burning at the end. We really put emphasis on form today and doing the drills correctly. It almost doesn't matter how fast you're going with some of these drills if you can't get the form down correctly. Afterall, the correct form will enable you to be quicker and more efficient.

7-on-7 drills went well once again today. The quarterbacks were focused and there were once again some big time standouts on the day. Lots of guys made plays today but some notibles were many great plays made by cornerback, Leslie Majors. He had a good number of pass break-ups and looked great in coverage the whole time. Another standout today was wide reciever, Andrew Means. He took a short pass from Teddy Schell and turned it into about a 65-yard pass and catch. I thought someone might catch him at first, but he slashed through defenders, turning on his 4.3 speed, and took it to the house. After 7-on-7 we all came into the locker room to shower up and go home, but not many people made it past the player's lounge area. Most stopped to watch TV and play NCAA Football 2008 on PS3. I've never thought my teammates and I would be so eager to stay at the stadium so late. But I guess that's the power of technology. We had ourselves a good time though.

The first player profile! I'm not telling who it'll be but I'll give you a (big) hint: 4.2 SPEED. Think you've guessed it? Check back Monday to see who it is.

"Nothing in life is promised. So when you have something special, take full advantage of it." -Baltimore Ravens linebacker, Ray Lewis


iunova said...

ok ok.... While you some of the guys may have the upper hand in NCAA 08, ill take anybody in the locker room in the new NASCAR 08... gald you guys are getting the things you need. Awsome to hear that guys are shaping up in the 7on7. Can't wait to hear more..and I'll see you in class tomorrow so you won't be the only one.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Brian. You've done a fantastic job giving everyone some fun information. You guys should all be proud of how hard you have worked, and the rewards will come.

IU football is on the cusp of doing something really great, and while Terry Hoeppner isn't physically with you, he's there in spirit and no doubt he couldn't be more proud.

Good luck with the season, we'll be watching.

Anonymous said...

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Nick Smith said...

Cool man, I'm really pumped for this season.