Monday, March 17, 2008

My Spring Break at Home

First of all, allow me to apologize for not getting my player
interviews posted on here by Monday. I simply just did not have time
to do them. Therefore, please forgive me.

All last week was spring break for us IU students and boy was it great!
To be honest with you, I didn't go anywhere but home to good 'ol Fort
Wayne,IN. There's no place I'd rather be. I've never been anywhere for
spring break simply because I'm such a mama's boy (I love my father,
too). I love spending time with my parents and I've realized that in a
couple of years I probably won't be able to get back home and see them
as much as I'd want to. So, all I'm doing is taking advantage of the
time I'm able to spend with them now while I can.

My parents crack me up each and every day. I don't know if they're
going through a midlife crisis or what, but they're starting to get into
some of the same things I'm into. For example, one of the first
conversations I had with my mother when I arrived last weekend was
about MTV's latest top show, Amercia's Best Dance Crew. The show
happened to be on the TV, so of course she was watching it and she
looked at me and said, "I don't know about you but I like the
Jabbawockeez..." I was shocked! Had she lost her mind, gone back to the
ice age, and thought she was in college once again? I just looked at
her and laughed. What was even funnier was that she was actually
critiquing each crew as they danced!

Now, my mom does have rhythm, but what does she know about being in a
dance crew? Beats me. Nevertheless, I did agree with her because the
Jabbawockeez are most definitely my favorite group. If they don't win,
I'll assume the majority of the voters were drunk dialing as they
texted in their votes.

When my dad came home from work that day, he not only commented on
America's Best Dance Crew, but he wanted to get my take on who I thought
was the best singer in Diddy's new Making the Band group, Day 26! Wow!
Once again, I was sent into laughter. I then answered his question,
saying that I always enjoy hearing Robert sing the most. I also
expressed to him that I'm in love with Aundrea of Danity Kane.

All week, I laughed and talked with my parents. As you probably guessed
I watched a lot of TV, too. Not because I was bored, but just because
I LOVE me some TV! In the fall I didn't get to see many shows, so I've made an honest commitment to watch more TV this winter and spring! Sounds like something a couch potato would do, right? Nah, I see it as a hobby.

Besides watching TV I did some shopping, working out, hanging with
friends, and oh yeah, networking. I attended the Big Ten Career Expo in
Indianapolis on Friday morning and afternoon. With my finely pressed
gray slacks, white and gray pin-striped shirt, impressive gray
designer tie, glasses and shiny black shoes, I confidently stepped to
each booth and presented my resume. I explained what it is I want to
do and absorbed everything each person had to say like a sponge. I
learned a lot by going there and I think I made a lot of helpful
contacts. In case you were wondering, I'm looking for an internship that
would allow me to write and/or do something involving media relations.
Oh, and an internship that pays would be nice, but beggars can't be

The only down side to my spring break was that I didn't get to watch
the fight on HBO between Juan Manuel Marquez and Manny
Pacquiao(PACK-Yow) because it was on Pay-Per-View. I didn't get the
chance to go to a bar and see it like I did for the Jermaine Taylor vs.
Kelly Pavlik fight (Pavlik won). This was the second fight between
Marquez and Pacquiao. The first came back in 2004, where both
fighters brawled their way to a draw. It was an amazing fight as
Marquez fought back after being knocked to the canvas three times in
the first round! I guess I'll just have to catch the rerun on HBO
later this week.

Oh, in case there are any fight fans out there, Floyd Mayweather is
set to face off in rematch against Oscar De La Hoya on September 13, a week
before my birthday! I can't wait, and I'm counting down the days.