Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Player Profile: Tracy Porter

Name: Tracy Porter



Position:Cornerback/Punt Returner

Hometown:Port Allen, LA

High School:Port Allen High School

Siblings: One Sister and One Brother

Roommates: none

Girlfriend: no

Most attractive characteristic in a girl:Honesty

Least attractive characteristic in a girl:Snotty Attitudes

Non-football highlight: Graduating from high school

Best sport other than football:Basketball

Career other than football: I would play in the NBA

Scares you: poisonous snakes

Pet peeve: when people don't clean up after themselves and when
people do stupid things they know is wrong and can get them in trouble

Formerly slept with a stuffed animal: none

Specialty in the kitchen: Red Beans and Rice

Favorite professional football team: New Orleans Saints

Favorite professional football player: Champ Bailey because he's a lockdown
cornerback and I would like to get a few pointers from him

Opponent you dislike the most:Purdue

Funniest teammate: Christopher Phillips

Prettiest: I don't know.

Most athletic:Nick Polk

Most humble: Me

Funniest team moment: When the Offensive Linemen dressed up in spandex attire and
danced during a team talent show.

Personal goal for the season: To be the best player at my position
and help my team play 13.


Mike P. said...

Congrats on a big day today! Check out my IU football blog @ http://hoosierfootball.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Good win against Minnesota!!

Anonymous said...

Great game against minnesota!!! You are my favorite player and i was estactic when you broke the huge TD run. I came down from Toledo, Ohio with my dad and watching you and the hoosiers was well worth the drive. Its great that after being a hardcore IU football fan for over 6 years i can finally talk some smack and back it up. Keep it up. Think Michigan State. -Riley

Anonymous said...

Love the blog! Keep it up. Best of luck on Saturday. You guys have made Hoosier fans everywhere proud of this team.

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