Friday, October 19, 2007

Busy For Homecoming

I want to apologize for the lack of posts this week. My teammates and I have been hard at work preparing for Penn State. It's also been a big week with midterms. I'm keeping this short today. I have some business to take care of. Thank you for all of the support so far. I hope to see all of you at the game on Saturday. Let's Rock the Rock on Homecoming!

"Good luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." -Darrell Royal, Former University of Texas head Coach


John Fischer said...

Play like there's no tomorrow on Saturday! I cant make it to B-town for Homecoming but I'll be watching on tv. I want to be at IU's 13th game this year!

CJ said...

Good Luck tomorrow to you and the rest of the Hoosiers! Can't wait until tomorrow morning... tailgating on Woodlawn. Wave when you get off the bus, please. :-)
We will be there to see you start "the walk" there and will cheering you to victory. Know that so many fans are behind you and the team.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to a big game. Good luck, make it 6!

new albany

D Wizzle said...

Good luck and pull the upset over Penn State

13forHEP said...

Brian you played with heart today.. but IF Tracy Porter returns one more punt for this football team, I will refuse to support this coaching staff. That was are game. WE OWNED PENN STATE.. Thats why it so hard to bear. Had a great crowd on hand and really wanted a win. But between KL's fumbles and Tracys punt miscues this team is hard to watch at times. The dream is still alive BEAT those badgers.

Bryan said...

So if the coaching staff yanks Kellen Lewis as starting QB, will you not support them then? It was a bad game, but he made up for it with his defense. Now to Bryan, good game. I like that speed to save the TD on the fumble recovery by the big boy from Penn St. Be patient and keep working hard and you all will have great success from here on out!

Mike in Indy said...

I know that was tough loss for you guys, but keep your heads up and come back strong this week against Wisconsin. I was very proud and impressed with how hard you guys played, despite the ball not bouncing your way. Your heart kept you in the game and gave you a chance to win at the end. You guys play THAT hard every game and you'll win a lot of games the rest of the year. As for the poster that made the comment about Porter - all I can say is I TRULY hope he fulfills his promise and when Tracy returns that first punt in Madison that he better not support the coaching staff nor the coaches because IU does not need "fans" such as he - please go away and don't come back. But before you leave, let me ask you something - is that the only game you have ever seen Tracy play? The guy is a great punt returner that merely had trouble on a windy day. Every time he is back there, he has a chance to take it all of the way and I am glad the coaching staff isn't as dumb as you because I know he will be returning kicks as long as he is healthy enough to. And he is also our best cover guy, and in my opinion, our best overall defensive player. If it wasn't for Hardy, I'd say he was the best player on the team. Sorry this was so long Bryan, but I had to say something.