Friday, August 31, 2007

Ready For Some Football

It's Friday, the day before our first game against Indiana State. We've been waiting for this game since the end of the Purdue game last season! This is OUR YEAR. All I want to do right now is go out and chop down some Sycamores.

I spent last night watching the LSU Tigers beat up on Mississippi State. I watched the entire game. I didn't care that it was a blow out. I'm just happy to see some college football and I can't wait to play.

I also checked out some of the Rutgers game. I really just wanted to see Ray Rice. Most of my teammates have told me that he is my twin because we're the same size, we look alike in pads, and we wear the same number. Even I can't deny it. We do look similar. I only hope to achieve what he has so far. I enjoy watching him play.

Today I really don't feel like talking to too many people because I'm kind of on edge for this game. Though I might take some time out to talk to some of my former teammates from high school and prep school briefly to wish them the best of luck in their games.

Lastly, you can bet I'll be watching the movie, 300, today before our meetings. That's my pre-game movie right there! I will keep that mindset until the scoreboard reads zeros Saturday night.

I hope to see you all at the game. It should be something special. I love and have full faith in all of my teammates and I can't wait to go to battle with them tomorrow. GO HOOSIERS!

In honor of our beloved Coach Hep, "Have a plan, work the plan, and plan for the unexpected."


Jimmy said...

Good luck Bryan! I will be at The Walk and in the student section. DEFEND THE ROCK!

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you and all of your teammates! I will be there routing you on!

Steve N said...

Best of luck to you BP and the rest of the Hoosiers. I'll be there rooting you guys on. Take it to those guys from Indiana State and make us proud!!!

Anonymous said...

Your parents are on their way, I'm making taco salad for the tailgate; we'll be at the Walk and the Rock...and we love you! This is your year! GO IU!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your first TD BP! Great way to start the season for the Hoosiers! Play 13 baby!!!

13forHEP said...

Wow u played an awesome game and you have been and are my favorite player. I watched the highlight of you running over taht dude on that screen a few times it shows you have heart and determination.. Good Luck at Western Mich. I'll be there.

Donnie said...

Drove to my sister house to watch the game. Great job B and the rest of the hoosiers! Wish you all the best @ WM.

Play 13!

Anonymous said...

i love you why did the football place was not full at all
where was the last people to full the place thank you we need the money
thank you and drink beer
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Mike P. said...


Love the Blog man. Hope you get a chance to update and give your thoughts on the first two games, and the upcoming game against Akron.